A BONJEAN Buckle-Free Belt For Women/Men - hassle free dressing - assorted colours

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Buckle Width: 3.2cm
Belts Material: Cowskin, Fabric, Polyester
Buckle Length: 5cm
Brand Name: BONJEAN
Gender: Unisex
Belt Width: 3.2cm
Suit Waist: 86 - 127cm

* Makes life easier: Never fiddle with the buckle. Snap on once and forget you are wearing a belt all day.  Hassle-free dressing
* Incredibly comfortable: The elastic strip is breathable. No buckle pressing into your body. No need to adjust belt when you sit down, even after a big meal! Always keeps your pants in place.
* Slim, Minimal look: Eliminates the bulky buckle bulge and awkward flap on the side - beautifully simple!
* Excellent quality: custom made, highest quality elastic weave for great support
*Great for everyone 

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